Capturing moments to help form memories
that will last a lifetime.. is what it’s all about.


The most significant events of our life
are recorded in our memory for eternity.



Are you getting married?

Knowing each other

First things first. You need to book a photographer who can showcase your personality.

Pre-wedding meeting and consultations, In person/phone/skype – however it is!I like to talk things over to make sure I’m the right choice for you, you have my undivided care and attention from day one to help us get to know each other and nothing is overlooked.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is unique and individual, and this is the way I will treat it.
You will look stunning on your wedding day, and my goal is to capture that forever. Telling a story is really important so would like be there all day, from getting ready through to the speeches and even into the evening if you like.

Post – processing

I aim to have your images with you four to six weeks after the wedding. I’ll send you some previews before to share on Facebook and to take on honeymoon with you.

Both High-resolution photographs – ready for print and  Low-resolution photographs – ready for Social Media would be delivered online or USB.

Imagine & Album

Printing as a medium is one of the most meaningful ways that you can enjoy photography.

A print will always be there

Digital media go out-of-date and out-of-style, and the files that you have stored in these digital formats will also go out-of-style and become inaccessible.

A print doesn’t need to be enjoyed on a screen

Being “in the moment” and away from technology is not a luxury that you get to enjoy all that often in today’s digital world. There is something nostalgic and romantic about being able to curl up on the couch with your children and look back at a wedding album, or old family photos, without having to flip open a laptop and press the “next” button dozens of times.

A print lasts a lifetime, and often even longer

Physical prints give you heirlooms to pass down as you move on in your life. Often you are not recording (capturing a moment) and printing (preserving the moment) for today, but instead for tomorrow, for your children and your children’s children. Passing down a box of hard drives doesn’t exactly have the same appeal, does it?