Fine Art Portrait, Maternity, Children & Family photography

When it comes to a professional portrait shoot, preparation is key.

When it comes to creating a positive image for you to use in business or your personal life, we all understand the value of a professional photo session. Our reputation often precedes us in the digital era since it has made us all very visible.

It takes cooperation between me as the photographer and you, the client, to produce excellent portraits during your session. This requires proper direction from me and trust between us. But how can we make sure to get the greatest shot of you during the shoot? The secret is to prepare…


On the day of a photo shoot, I go over ideas with my client but also encourage the client to bring their own. It’s crucial to understand the final result and the message you want to project about your business.


Following are some tips for getting ready for a professional portrait session to make it a little easier:

Select clothing that fits your body shape and flatters it.

Avoid logos, strong patterns, neon, and wrinkled clothing while taking photographs and stick to solid, soft, and muted colours instead.

Make sure all of your clothing is tidy and pressed.

Wear two separate outfits if location allows.

Fashionable boots or shoes.

Simple accessories.

Glasses without glare.

A trim appearance (men).

A week or so before the session, get your hair cut (men).

Style your hair before the session (women).

It’s vital to colour your hair at least a few days in advance, especially if you have dark roots.

Have natural makeup.

Consider hiring a hair and makeup artist if you lack the confidence to create your own eye-catching appearance.