The Questions I Get Asked A Lot

Having Your Picture Taken

I don’t like having my picture taken, is that a problem?

I’m in the same club so I know how you feel. I have found making people relaxed and happy makes for the best pictures, so I try to be a friendly presence at your wedding. There are small moments of your day where I will need your attention, but most of the time you can relax and enjoy your day without worrying about having your picture taken.

Will you take up much time in my day?

Hopefully not much. There are 2 main parts of the day where I will need your attention, the formal shots and shots of you as a couple. With good organisation the formal shots will be done in 20-30 minutes. The more time you have in your day for the couple shots the more creative I can be, if all you have is 15 minutes then that will do, but if you have 30-40 minutes it will allow us to explore your venue and take even more amazing images.

Do you take formal groups as well as candid photos?

You may wonder what will happen once you make your booking, well here is what to expect from me:

  • I will contact you either in the Spring or 1-3 months before your wedding day to see if you’d like a pre-shoot.
  • The final balance is due 30 days before your big day. Albums are paid for after the wedding, even if booked before it.
  • I aim to have your pictures with you 4 to six weeks after the wedding. But I’ll send you some previews before to share on facebook and to take on honeymoon with you.
  • I’ll never say no to an idea you have, but I might make a few suggestions if I feel they are needed.
  • If you choose the LOVE package I normally arrive with the bride 1hr 30mins before departure for the ceremony and stay until just after the first dance.

I have an idea, can we do it?

I always encourage people to be involved with the process, so of course I will listen to your (crazy?) ideas.

I know exactly what I want, is it ok to give you a list of photos I want?

I find I don’t work at my best if I have a list to work to, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know the kinds of things you like or are important to you. But if I have a huge list to go through I will miss all sorts of other things too.

Wedding Logistics

What if our wedding is far away, who will pay your expenses?

All travel & expenses are included within 100 km from Marbella, basically if it’s about an hours drive from Marbella then it’s included. If your wedding is further away additional mileage is charged at 1euro per km. Overnight accommodation the night before is required if you are more than a 3 hour drive from Marbella. For weddings abroad I ask for transfers and accommodation expenses.

How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

The standard package includes a full days coverage, right up to just after the first dance. I normally start around an hour and a half before the bride departs for the ceremony. If you’d like to save a little money then I can go after the speeches are completed.

I’m having a small wedding, do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately not, I only shoot one wedding a day and do not offer part day rates or discounts.

What about food, do I have to feed you?

I will be with you all day, there will be no time for me to eat. Any hot vegetarian meal would be very much welcome, it will be the only meal I eat that day. Having it at the same time as you is ideal. During the wedding breakfast I am hard at work getting some previews ready for you, so don’t have time to nip out and get something.

How many photographers will there be?

Unless you have selected the second photographer option, the sole photographer will be me, Ana Maria Andreea Avram. I like to work alone, if I plan to bring an assistant with me I’ll check with you first.

Style & Substance

What is your style?

I’m not keen on fancy buzz words, but if I were asked to sum it in one word it would be relaxed. I want my pictures to be peoples memory of your special day not me, so for most of the time I take a bit of distance and just capture moments as they happen. I do love to create stunning portraits but this is reserved for the time we have together during the couple shots.

What is the Pre-Wedding Shoot and is it included?

Feeling comfortable on your wedding day is really important, if you are nervous in front of the camera then having a Pre-Shoot is the perfect way of us getting to know each other and taking some great images before your wedding day. You’ll feel more relaxed on your big day and the images will be even better. The Pre-Wedding shoot it is not included but you can book it for 250 Euros.

How many photographs will I get to see?

I often take many thousands of pictures at a wedding. Most weddings produce between 300 & 500 fantastic images. If a picture is good you will see it. An average album would include a selection you have made of about 100. You don’t get to see every picture I see, part of the creative process is the right selection of images that tell the story of the day.

Can I see every picture you take?

Short answer, No. The images you see will be carefully selected to tell the story of your day. The rest are stored for a short time after your wedding then removed from the storage facility.

Technical Stuff

What camera do you use?

I currently use a Canon 5D Mk III for my wedding photography, along with a set of top quality Canon lenses.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, I have a set of backups within easy reach. Just in case!

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes, sometimes I do. People generally look better than they think on their wedding day, so I find things like air brushing is not as common as you might think. All your pictures will be adjusted for style, color, crop and balance on my professional color balanced work station.

Will you Photoshop my..... ??

I have a simple 6 month rule, if something is going to be there in 6 months time then it stays in the picture. A zit for example would be edited out. Not happy with your nose, arms etc… then I won’t edit this unless you ask me to. Work like this attracts an additional fee. That fee will be detailed in your contract.

How big will my digital files be?

I will supply JPG images at the highest resolution I can. There may have been some cropping to get the imaging looking quite right, but you will have the biggest version of the image I can give you.

How are the images delivered to me?

Your images will arrive through the post on a USB stick or digital download. This will also contain web sized images for use online, your pre-shoot pictures (if we did them). You can also view the images online if you wish.

Your Wedding Pictures

When do I get my pictures?

I always aim to get your pictures to you as soon as I can, average turn around times are 6-12 week from your wedding day. I will give you some previews on the day itself so you can share some high lights straight away.

How do I get my pictures?

Your pictures will arrive through the post on a USB stick or digital download. It’s important that I have the correct address from you, or they might go to the wrong place.

Can I view my pictures online?

Yes, along with your USB stick there will a link you can share with friends and family. It’s also really handy to choose your wedding album pictures.

Can I make my own prints?

Yes, of course. I can’t guarantee the print quality if you don’t use me. All your images will be print ready, so if they come back all green then you need to talk to your lab not me.

Can I give pictures to my other wedding suppliers or magazines?

You can, but I prefer if you sent them to me. This is so I make sure they get suitable versions of the pictures. Your copyright license doesn’t cover this use so just give them my details and I will deal with them directly.

Why do I need a copyright license, the pictures are mine, right?

No, this is a popular misconception. As the person who took the pictures I will always own the copyright, I give you a license to use them. There are terms stated in the contract between us that state what the terms of that license are. The only major restriction on the license is you may not sell or use the pictures for a commercial purpose, and if used online they must carry my watermark.