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About me!

My name is Andreea Avram. I am a professional photographer in Marbella and I have dedicated myself for more than 15 years to the world of image and photography.

Throughout my professional career, I have photographed places all over the world, excited by my passion for traveling.

Currently my base photography activity takes place in Zurich (Switzerland) and Costa del Sol, Malaga (Spain), although I do a lot of tailor-made photography in Marbella, where I have my photographic establishment.

I have captured the essence of exotic and unique places, urban settings and traditional landscapes as well as diverse cultures and people; all of them from a creative and artistic perspective.

This is definitely a vocational profession, not exempt from technical knowledge and specialization, in which I particularly love to photograph the inner goddess of the woman in every important event of her life; not only wedding celebrations but all kinds of events. Also, photo sessions with the sole purpose of obtaining a personal recreation or commercial projection.

I am constantly trying to feed my passion for vegan cooking, sport and travelling. I also have 2 fur babies named Homer and Jacky who I spoil very much and I present them to you in my profile.

Art photography allows me to show my sensitivity as a great observer, photojournalism photographer and to take pictures of all people in love, it gives me special satisfaction.

The most significant events of our life are recorded in our memory for eternity.
They are occasions that we like to remember in time with the same magic and sensitivity with which they happened.
The observation from the emotive and the aesthetic harmony are, among others, the keys of my photographic works, an exciting vocational profession of which I can enjoy every day, together with its protagonists.
Are you ready to feel beautiful?

My favorite Quote

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”  – Imogen Cunningham

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Adress: Marbella 29600
Phone: (+34) 633 600 790

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